Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stories from Marriage

After talking about it for months, Lauren finally decided she wanted to get back into the blogging world and finally pulled the trigger yesterday, so I suppose I will follow that up.  I think the goal for the next post (or few) will be to catch up on the last year or so, and I want to do that by some general observations that you may find interesting about our relationship and what I have learned in the last year.
1.   Lauren has a freak out mode, and there are just a few things that set it off.  Bugs, mice and any critters.  We experienced a couple of (slightly more than) normal occurrences with bugs and then had a few mice (she will swear they were rats the size of Splinter from the Nina Turtles).  At one point late last summer we were in our bedroom watching one of these mice in our kitchen.  It was sniffing around a trap that we had just set, so we wanted to see if it worked or not.  When the tension was at its peak she leaned over to me and whispered, “We should get a gun”.  Shortly after the mouse tripped the trap, but didn’t get caught.  This brought tears of anger.

2.   Lauren is really figuring her way around the kitchen.  Please note, she has always been very solid in the kitchen, able to make many classics that she has learned from her mom and sister, and never failed to leave me without a meal.  But recently, as we have acquired some new cookbooks, she has really been experimenting with some now meals and knocked them out of the park.  Spicy BBQ Sliders, Cheesy Pasta Primavera, Noodle Bake Casserole, Salisbury Steak, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Cheesy Enchiladas.  One of the things we definitely enjoy doing is eating, and eating well!

3.   If there is anybody that she is considering leaving me for it is her 3 nephews, and rightfully so.  It kills her to go more than about 10-12 days without seeing them, and luckily that has only happened a few times.  They FaceTime frequently (amazes me how tech savvy a 2 ½ and a 4 year can be) and she is totally infatuated with them.  The best thing about this is we get our fill of young children and there doesn’t seem to be any clock ticking….!

4.   It is so fun to have a wife that is as competitive as you (sometimes).  We have fun competitions all the time, and we really enjoy that, but a time or two it has gotten out of hand.  About a week ago we were about to head to bed around midnight.  I think I was bragging about my speed (sarcastically of course), but did claim I could beat her in a foot race.  She disagreed, but we went on with the evening.  Finally I pushed her buttons enough, so we defined the rules to our race.  Then we drove to a high school track, snuck on and raced 100M shortly after midnight in the dark.  I don’t think it is fair to reveal the winner.

I will leave you with that for now.


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