Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one we will never forget. It is always a blast to spend time with some of our closest friends and celebrate such a wonderful occasion! I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, but I was able to capture a few with my iPhone. Kyle flew to Wichita on Thursday and I met up with him on Friday afternoon. The groomsmen played golf on Friday morning and were all a little pink and tired afterwards, but that didn't stop them from having a great time the rest of the weekend. Never will! That night we enjoyed a wonderful meal at the rehearsal dinner and then headed over to Chapman's moms house for the evening to hang out and socialize with all the out of town guests. I stayed at the hotel with Holly and Nancy while Kyle stayed with the groomsmen at Jarrett's house.

Before the rehearsal. Love her!

Saturday morning us girls took a walk and then took our time getting ready for the Big Day. We decided to go out for a great lunch at Bella Luna before the wedding and OMG was it good!


Love him!

My wonderful mother-in-law!

The beautiful bride!

Love these girls! Myself, Holly, Julia, and Carmen 

The wedding and reception were a blast and I am so thankful to have been apart of the weekend. Heeney looked absolutely stunning and Chapman didn't look so bad himself! One of my favorite parts about the reception was the photo fun!!! Kyle gave a speech at the reception, along with Jarrett, Megan Chapman, Melissa Heeney and Kyle Heeney. They all did a great job and then we danced the night away! We look forward to making many more memories with the married couple! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Bells!

This weekend Kyle and I will be heading to Wichita to see some great friends get married. Kyle Chapman and Meghan Heeney will officially be hitched on Saturday! I'm so excited for them and can't wait to see Meghan walk down the aisle and Chapman see his bride. It is going to be a great celebration with so many people we love!

Kyle and Chapman have been best friends for many years! Chapman was the Best Man in our wedding and now Kyle is getting to return the favor. I really admire their friendship and think it's great how close they have stayed over the years. After meeting Heeney I knew that they were fit for each other and a great match. I love getting to spend time with her because she has the sweetest spirit and we always have great talks. I wish we lived closer to each other because we always have a blast. We are so happy for the both of you and love you so much! Can't wait to see you this weekend and dance our booty's off!  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stories from Marriage

After talking about it for months, Lauren finally decided she wanted to get back into the blogging world and finally pulled the trigger yesterday, so I suppose I will follow that up.  I think the goal for the next post (or few) will be to catch up on the last year or so, and I want to do that by some general observations that you may find interesting about our relationship and what I have learned in the last year.
1.   Lauren has a freak out mode, and there are just a few things that set it off.  Bugs, mice and any critters.  We experienced a couple of (slightly more than) normal occurrences with bugs and then had a few mice (she will swear they were rats the size of Splinter from the Nina Turtles).  At one point late last summer we were in our bedroom watching one of these mice in our kitchen.  It was sniffing around a trap that we had just set, so we wanted to see if it worked or not.  When the tension was at its peak she leaned over to me and whispered, “We should get a gun”.  Shortly after the mouse tripped the trap, but didn’t get caught.  This brought tears of anger.

2.   Lauren is really figuring her way around the kitchen.  Please note, she has always been very solid in the kitchen, able to make many classics that she has learned from her mom and sister, and never failed to leave me without a meal.  But recently, as we have acquired some new cookbooks, she has really been experimenting with some now meals and knocked them out of the park.  Spicy BBQ Sliders, Cheesy Pasta Primavera, Noodle Bake Casserole, Salisbury Steak, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Cheesy Enchiladas.  One of the things we definitely enjoy doing is eating, and eating well!

3.   If there is anybody that she is considering leaving me for it is her 3 nephews, and rightfully so.  It kills her to go more than about 10-12 days without seeing them, and luckily that has only happened a few times.  They FaceTime frequently (amazes me how tech savvy a 2 ½ and a 4 year can be) and she is totally infatuated with them.  The best thing about this is we get our fill of young children and there doesn’t seem to be any clock ticking….!

4.   It is so fun to have a wife that is as competitive as you (sometimes).  We have fun competitions all the time, and we really enjoy that, but a time or two it has gotten out of hand.  About a week ago we were about to head to bed around midnight.  I think I was bragging about my speed (sarcastically of course), but did claim I could beat her in a foot race.  She disagreed, but we went on with the evening.  Finally I pushed her buttons enough, so we defined the rules to our race.  Then we drove to a high school track, snuck on and raced 100M shortly after midnight in the dark.  I don’t think it is fair to reveal the winner.

I will leave you with that for now.


Monday, June 18, 2012

We're BACK!!!

Hello there! I have been wanting to start back on our blog FOREVER, but never could get enough motivation to start writing, but when is a better time than NOW?!?Of course we are married now and are no longer "Soon to be Fisher's", but now have been Fisher's for a whole year! Can you believe that one year ago today we were beginning our new life together, dancing to Brad Paisley "Something About Her," eating an amazing meal, and having the best time with all our closest friends and family! I can't help but look back on that day and smile from ear to ear.

This year has been the best year of my life! It truly is a blessing to have Kyle in my life and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Over the past year we have moved in together, learned to adjust to each other's annoying habits, searched for jobs, bought furniture, accepted my first Texas job, joined a church, traveled to Orlando, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Cancun, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, hosted family for Thanksgiving, received job promotions, BEAT OU, bought our first car together, hosted family multiple times, became an aunt and uncle again, explored Dallas, celebrated birthday's, and the list goes on....we are so blessed from what this past year has brought us and we look forward to what the future holds! Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Kyle!!!! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living the Suite Life!

Last week Kyle, Kenny (my father-in-law) and I had the awesome opportunity to watch the Oklahoma State vs. Arizona game from Mr. T. Boone Pickens suite. It had to be one of the coolest things I have ever done. The only way I can explain it is having to act like a mature adult on the outside, but screaming like a child on the inside with excitement! To make things even better Rickie Fowler was in town for the game and what better place for him to watch the game.....MR. PICKENS SUITE!!!

Our parking spot right next to Boone. 

Getting very excited before our host arrives!

Just hanging out in the suite!

 Kyle, Rickie Fowler, and me

Kyle, me, and Boone Pickens

It was definitely a night we will never forget and probably will never be able to attend a game again as a normal fan...ha. I've been trying to talk Kyle into buying a suite, I don't think it is working though! GO POKES BEAT TULSA Saturday!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We are in month two of marriage and it has been awesome! I can't believe it is almost September! Next weekend kicks off the 2011 football season and we are very excited to get back to Stillwater to tailgate and watch the season opener! With Oklahoma State ranked #8 in the country it makes next weekend that much more exciting!

I've been working for the last few weeks and I love it! It has been great getting to meet new people and work in such a great hotel. I have been truly blessed with a great job! Even though the hours have been long it has been a great learning experience and I'm looking forward to the next few months!

Our apartment is coming together and I'm loving decorating...Hobby Lobby is my favorite store along with Home Goods! Kyle probably wishes that I would stay away from both of them, but at least everything in the store is usually 50% off! Christmas decor is out and I'm very excited to start our collection for our first Christmas together! I heard that the Gaylord puts their Christmas decorations up in October just like my sister so I should for sure get my Christmas fix this year.

We will be starting a new bootcamp class at a local gym and we are very excited! I know that it is going to totally kick my butt, but it will be good to get back in tip, top shape!

Looking forward to seeing some family tomorrow! My uncle Jim and aunt Kim are coming tomorrow as well as my cousin Courtney. It will be great to catch up and have dinner together! Hope all is well with you! xoxo

Monday, July 25, 2011


WAHOO!!!! I got a job! I'm very excited to be starting in the next couple of weeks. My position will be in Guest Services at the Gaylord Texan and Convention Center! Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement!